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Kona Architects

Are you on the list of top Kona architects?

Kona architects? Yes we are! We are on the short list of great Honolulu architects and Oahu architects as well. Let us be your architectural designer, project coordinator, and construction project manager all rolled into one. From drawings and design development through site analysis and more, we can handle the construction project management duties for your luxury home.

Let our team fill the roles of architectural designer and construction project manager for your luxury home. Few Kona architects, Oahu architects, or Honolulu architects can offer:

  • Design development and analysis
  • Coordination of consultants
  • Site observation and analysis
  • Documents of drawings prepared on CAD
  • Computer and architectural models
  • Expediting permits and design approvals

We are more than just architectural designers doing drawings for your luxury home. We also act as your construction project manager in seeing your project from beginning to its conclusion. Compare us to other Kona architects, Oahu architects, and Honolulu architects and see how we add up!

At Hawaii Island Architects, we're equal parts project coordinator and project manager. Few Kona architects, Oahu architects, or Honolulu architects possess our project management skills.