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Honolulu Architects

Our versatility is what sets us apart from all other Honolulu architects.


There are many Honolulu architects who would love to handle your project, but it doesn't mean they should. Hawaii Island Architects sets the standard for Hawaii architectural firms because of our versatility and excellence in every aspect of what we do. We are at once residential architects, commercial architects, construction project managers and more, and leave no stone unturned in the creation of custom homes and buildings that are breathtaking in their beauty and uniqueness of architectural design. We are ready to learn about your vision and to bring it to life like no other architectural designers can.

What is it that sets Hawaii Island Architects apart from other luxury home designers, resort designers and the like? It is the ability to bring together the many aspects of design and construction under one roof, and to do so in a fashion that never misses a beat. As your Honolulu architectural firm we offer:

  • Design development and analysis
  • Coordination of consultants
  • Site observation and analysis
  • Documents of drawings prepared on CAD
  • Computer and architectural models
  • Expediting permits and design approvals

We work closely with our clients, keeping them in the loop regarding every aspect of their project. The convenience of having every aspect managed under one roof by an experienced project coordinator will make the process less stressful and much more enjoyable.

Hawaii Island Architects is an award-winning architectural firm that has designed some of the most unique homes on the island of Honolulu. Our homes have been featured in a variety of local and national publications, and continue to set a standard of excellence in their design and implementation. No matter how you envision your home we can bring that vision to life, and do so in a timely and cost efficient fashion. Learn more by contacting us at 808-324-4141.