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Custom Home Designs

Hawaii architects specializing in design development

Hawaii Island Architects, LLC is a versatile firm specializing in custom home design. Hawaiian homes are known for their unique charm and distinctive features. We choose to enhance this aesthetic with every project we take on, so homeowners can truly embrace island living while still enjoying contemporary design and architecture.

It’s a great luxury to be able to live in a home that has everything you want, which is why we take every detail into account when we design a home. Our designers focus on everything from the layout of each room to how the home flows as a whole unit. Everything down to minor details like hardware on cabinets is chosen to enhance the home’s overall design. We listen to your concerns during the initial consultation to get an understanding of your needs. After that, we will work along side you to pinpoint your style and taste preferences to create a custom home you can be proud of.

Our Island architects have experience completing new builds and renovations to existing homes. Whether you a complete overhaul on your interior design, or you just need a little guidance to complete your luxurious home, we can help. In the past, we’ve had clients who would like to be involved in the entire design process, while others prefer to be led by our architectural team. We’re happy to accommodate any and all of your needs. We’re proud to offer the following architectural and design services to Hawaii homeowners:

  • Site selection and survey
  • Design development
  • Structural engineering evaluation
  • Floor plan
  • Develop interior spaces
  • Landscape design

For a stunning custom home design enlist the help of our Hawaii architects. We’ll but a unique twist on your custom home to incorporate island living with modern design. To schedule your consultation or to learn more about our services, please contact us today.